Hollywood Celebrities Share Fit Tips For Holiday Season

Hollywood celebrities manage to keep their stunning figures long after the festive season. But how do they do it? We would like to know, please?

Thankfully, they’ve let us in on some helpful fitness tips. I mean, Christmas time is not exactly full of healthy eating and working out. However, if they can keep camera-ready, then it must be possible!

They’re definitely not going to let a festive season stop their career by packing on the pounds. No doubt, you’ll be surrounded by parties and cocktails. However, you need to think like a Hollywood celeb. You can’t let those become excuses for you to neglect your health and fitness routines.

It’s also not as difficult as you think. Staying slim, toned and energetic from Thanksgiving to New Year’s is not impossible! Luckily, US Magazine asked Hollywood celebs to provide us with their realistic tip for avoiding holiday weight gain. Plus, they compiled it all into an easy-to-follow guide.

Hollywood Celebrities Festive Tips

Danai Gurira, Kristin Cavallari. and Busy Philipps all share their top diet tips, workout strategies and wellness hacks for a healthy holiday season.

I say, realistic, because if we’re being honest, most Hollywood celebrities have the money and the time to invest in proper personal trainers and health coaches. Many of us do not have access to these luxuries and probably don’t have the same motivation because our career does not depend on the way we look. However, we still want to move our bodies, look and feel good.

Here’s what the Hollywood celebs recommend.

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