Nothing Gets You In A Better Mood Than Seafood Does

Nothing boosts my mood quite like a week’s worth of eating regular meals consisting of seafood, vegetables and lots of fruit. On the whole, as a Mediterranean eater, I choose to consume a diet like this anyway. However, when you’re staying in the beautiful Watamu, Kenya the fish is caught fresh by the day.

Other than being delicious, eating seafood is an incredible antidepressant and can make your entire day a lot happier. Perhaps, people who choose to live an island lifestyle are doing something right. In fact, they’re probably much healthier than those who live in the city and is most likely why they generally live a lot longer.

Research has found that those who eat seafood once or twice a week may actually reduce their risks of stroke, depression and Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have even confirmed that eating fish at least once a week increases grey matter in the brain. And, let’s face it. There is absolutely nothing better than having a good memory and a healthy brain.

Especially on days when things are a little chaotic.

Nothing Says Happy Better Than Seafood

This might sound like a funny topic to be writing about. Yet it really is a serious matter to discuss. Too many people struggle for years with Depression and low moods, popping all kinds of antidepressants. And who knows what those could be doing to your overall wellbeing.nothing [longevity live]

Interestingly, nothing beats the healthy fats we can get from consuming lots of seafood. The body runs on many different kinds of fuels, fish is one of the best. This is because it keeps the body’s sugar levels stable which means it is less likely to plummet randomly. As a result, you’ll experience fewer changes in mood which can often lead to problems like irritability and depression.

Many people also struggle with the symptoms of hypoglycemia. These might include fluctuating energy and cravings like a sweet tooth and starchy foods.

Basically, what I am getting at is that anybody who suffers from some form of mood disturbance and is also prone to these symptoms will do extremely well from eating regular meals based around foods which tend to stabilize blood-sugar levels.  This means consuming lots of fish, brown rice, wholemeal bread, wholewheat pasta, vegetables, fruits, and potatoes.

In fact, studies say that eating fruit and raw nuts between meals may even help keep the blood- sugar levels from dropping into the danger zone which maintains mood throughout the day.

Stop Taking Antidepressants And Eat Fish

Most of the time, depression or poor moods are related to a range of nutrient deficiencies. One being the most important, healthy fats. This is found in oily fish, such as salmon, trout, tuna, mackerel, herring, and swordfish. Research also finds that depressed individuals tend to be low in fish fats, and I believe that consuming more oily fish might aid in stabilizing moods and combatting depression.nothing [longevity live]

Therefore, it is true when you hear people telling you to eat seafood before writing an exam. It’s got some serious brain power! Certain fats have been connected to health problems like heart disease and cancer. But, these fats are prominent in red meat, dairy products, and many processed foods only.

If you want to reap disease-protective benefits, then go crazy with the Healthy Fats. These are monounsaturated or polyunsaturated and essential fatty acids like Omega-3. Generally, our intake of omega-3 fats tends to be low and eating a diet rich in natural sources of omega-3 fats means more oily fish. You will consume two very important fatty acids namely, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

These two fats play an extremely important role in the brain. They stabilize both nerve function and mood regulation. Without Omega-3 and EPA, studies say that you’re more likely to experience signs of depression.

A Happy Brain Is What Matters Most

There is a lot of evidence linking depression to omega-3 fat deficiency. And if you can’t always get hold of fresh seafood twice a week. Then you can supplement it with fish oils. Concentrated fish oil supplements rich in EPA and DHA are available in health food stores. To get the right amount in the long term, you might need to take 1g of fish oil once or twice a day. nothing [longevity live]

Your brain’s chemistry is quite complex and intricate. Therefore it can be upset by certain foods quite easily. Two of the most upsetting are caffeine and sugar. As you may know, many of those who give these two triggers up have experienced profound improvements in their moods.

I am not saying you’ll feel the effects right away. It might take a little bit of time. Although, I do feel a lot happier this past week in Kenya. Although, that could also be all of the ‘vitamin sea’ I’m getting.

However, if you do want to make a change in your life. Then take note of an islander’s lifestyle. Eat more seafood! You need to start eliminating triggers from your diet and treating yourself to some healthy fats. Give it about two weeks before you can begin to enjoy the benefits.

Got a sweet tooth? There are healthy snacks that will not only help you curb your cravings and stay in your financial lane, but will also fill you up and leave you much healthier.