Baobab Superfood Cider: Refreshing & Antioxidant-Rich

With today falling in Heart Awareness Month and today being National Heritage Day on top of that, we thought it appropriate to share with you a delicious and refreshing drink, perfect for a sunny day with friends and family. Containing baobab powder, raw honey and lemons, this is one perfectly guilt-free drink that will leave you feeling revitalised instead of hungover.


  • 750 ml sparkling mineral water
  • 2 lemons
  • 2 apples
  • 1 heaped tablespoon baobab powder
  • 2 tablespoons raw honey
  • ice as required

Method of preparation:

1. Juice the lemons, apples and ginger.

2. Add remaining ingredients and blend. 

3. Place in fridge for approximately an hour and serve over ice.

baobab | Longevity LIVE

Want to know more about the health benefits of baobab?

If there is one superfood that could dethrone the hype of acai, it is Baobab. Baobab fruit powder is Africa’s own superfood from the baobab tree, which is Africa’s ‘Tree of Life’. Baobab dries on the branch and produces a powder that can be used as a health supplement and as a food ingredient. Baobab powder can help restore skin complexion, heal damage, improve elasticity and fight aging. It is naturally rich in vitamin A, C, D, E and F, plus fatty acids, minerals and B complex.

Baobab powder has a slightly sweet and sour taste if you eat it alone, but when you mix it with other ingredients, its taste fades to the background. This gives it ultimate versatility, as you can include it in nearly every kind of dish. It can be added to any juices, desserts, breakfast foods, lunch or dinner.

The antioxidant value of baobab is about 40% higher than acai. It also has more than six times the vitamin C of oranges, double the calcium of milk and it is high in potassium and phosphorous. It is rich in soluble fibre, which is very beneficial, although eating too much of it can cause a laxative effect.

baboab | Longevity LIVE

All about superfoods

Since every single day counts when it comes to the nutrition, we must make it a point to consume wholesome and healthy foods – and include those known a superfoods. This, by the way, is Harvard Health’s vegetable of the month.

The focus should be on imbibing all the nutrients and maintaining a balanced diet. That being said, certain foods can pretty much always be on your grocery list, as they keep your energy levels stable without disrupting your blood sugar levels. They are also high in essential vitamins and minerals, making them nutritious enough to always have around. Therefore, this article intends to provide you with a list of 7 superfoods you can indulge in on a regular basis for a healthy body and nourished mind.