Longevity Promotion: If You Hurt Your Liver, It Will Hurt You Right Back!

When your liver is injured or hurt,  it releases chemicals into your bloodstream called cytokines. Cytokines are highly damaging inflammatory molecules, and  are the one of the main causes of damaged arteries and heart attacks. They also cause insulin resistance, diabetes and weight gain. So what exactly causes liver damage and cytokine release? The answer is lipotoxins.

Lipotoxins explained: 
Lipotoxins are chemicals commonly found in food and drink that can damage the liver. There are 4 main lipotoxins: The first is alcohol – especially binge drinking. Sugar is another lipotoxin, especially fructose (conventional table sugar comprises 50% of fructose). Excessive amounts of omega 6 fats (found in sunflower and maize oil for example) are another lipotoxin. And, finally, there are AGEs (advanced glycation end products), found in foods that have been made crispy by grilling, braaing or frying (such as chicken skin, bacon, grilled cheese etc). The chemical reaction that occurs between protein, fat and carbohydrate molecules in this high-heat flavour-enhancing crisping reaction is known as glycation, and the chemicals forms are AGEs. They are all liver toxins.

If you want a healthy liver and reduced cytokine production try to avoid alcohol, stop consuming sugar, avoid sunflower and other omega 6-oils (rather use olive oil, tree nut oils, avocado oil and coconut oil instead) and don’t crisp or grill your food.

However, if you find adhering to this is difficult, then milk thistle is one of the most important herbal supplements that you should be taking, on a regular daily basis, to help protect your liver from lipotoxins.


Mik thistle_High Res

SOLAL’s Milk Thistle is back on the market – using a 16x concentrated extract

Milk Thistle is a herbal extract that helps protect the liver from lipotoxins such as alcohol and sugar. It also is used to relieve indigestion and heartburn.

Why SOLAL’s Milk Thistle – 16x

Concentrated: 16x more concentrated than regular milk thistle seed powder for liver protection.

Effective dose: Each daily dose of 3x250mg capsules supplies 600mg of silymarin (the active phytonutrient in milk thistle). This is the optimal amount recommended in clinical research for liver protection. To achieve this optimal dose you would need to take 24x 500mg of regular milk thistle seed powder capsules.

Product details: http://www.solal.co.za/products/milk-thistle-extract

Available for R145.00, nationwide from Dis Chem and other pharmacies, health shops and online.