15 Minutes with Longevity

  In this episode of 15 Minutes with Longevity we looked at epilepsy and how living with the disease can affect a person’s life drastically. Epilepsy is the most common of the neurological diseases and is normally through inheritance. Epilepsy can also be triggered by a traumatic experience, such as

On this episode of 15 Minutes with Longevity, brought to you by Aspen Pharmacare and Longevity Magazine, we spoke to Neil Higgs from TNS Research Surveys about the obesity epidemic in South Africa. Obesity, which is a result of an unhealthy diet, continues to be a constant battle amongst many

It may be considered a taboo topic, but mental illness is showing to be a growing pandemic in a number of South African workplaces. Unfortunately, it is not often a topic of conversation, due to the stigma it still holds. On this episode of 15 Minutes with Longevity looked this

  In this episode of 15 Minutes with Longevity,  director and publisher of Longevity Gisele Wertheim Aymes looks into maintaining a healthy marriage and keeping peace when confronted with conflict in a family setting. Gisele spoke to Beverly Milun, a self-esteem engineer, and Nikki Bush, a creative parenting expert. With

Sleep is something a lot of us take for granted because we don’t realise how important it is to our day to day functioning. Stress plays a huge role in our sleep patterns so it is important to know how to wind down and get the rest your body needs