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Acciaroli | Longevity LIVE

On the southern coast of Italy’s countryside, amidst golden coastline, rocky mountain hills and Azure-blue skies lies a town of undisputed longevity. In Acciaroli, it is very common for people to live to a hundred years or more, while the town’s number of centenarians go to more than 300. For

active | Longevity LIVE

Staying in the move and keeping active can help you maintain your fitness during the winter holidays. This time of the year is all about trying out new experiences, relaxing, catching up on all your favorite hobbies, exploring restaurants and probably indulging a little bit on the wines, cappuccinos, whiskeys and

Cameron | Longevity LIVE

Olympic gold-medal swimmer Cameron van der Burgh says he developed a love of sports after being diagnosed with ADHD. “I was hyperactive as a kid. I always had a lot of energy and battled to pay attention in class, or focus on my homework. I was diagnosed with ADHD and