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This is the Longevity Best in Aging Survey: Personalised Beauty and Aesthetics Products. The comprehensive and digitally driven assessment was completed voluntarily by a number of local general practitioners, dermatologists, medical-industry professionals, and experienced beauty-industry experts, who identified what they consider to be the best products, treatments and services available

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The incredible variety of faces in the world is the result of evolutionary pressure to make each of us unique and recognizable.  Yet many of us do not value the unique traits each of us was born with. A new study by the University of California explains how facial traits

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Kylie Jenner hails from reality-TV royalty, being the youngest sister from the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Aside from the recent fact that she’s about to become the youngest billionaire in the world, the young Jenner recently revealed on her instagram page that she had her lip fillers removed. The same lip fillers

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When it comes to beauty and aesthetics, it is important to understand that treatments, creams and surgery aren’t the beginning and the end. That does play a massive role, but inner health certainly plays a part in your visible age and how ageing takes place with you. Here are my

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Jennifer Glodik’s story has quite the edge to it. This 30-year-old Russian was married too young, experienced a lot of pain at the hands of her then-husband and mother-in-law, lost everything she built up and was eventually left with nothing. If she wasn’t made of steel, she would have given up

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Slimming treatments are a multimillion-rand operation in this country alone. Here is what you need to take into consideration when planning to undergo a weight-loss journey. South Africans are getting more overweight and obese with time, due to their genetics and their food and lifestyle choices. A lack of exercise or