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We all know that there numerous benefits of adding essential fatty acids to your diet. What is often not mentioned, is that Omega 6 needs to be taken with caution to avoid various health concerns. Unlike Omega 3 – which has fantastic rejuvenating qualities – studies now show that Omega

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By Dr. Sly Nedic I have been running an aesthetic and anti-aging clinic for a number of years. Recently, I have noticed that the number of young people seeking preventive anti-aging has increased significantly. In addition to this, patients who were previously only interested in aesthetic procedures are now searching

A team consisting of Makoto Suzuki, a cardiologist, geriatrician, Bradley Wilcox, a physician-investigator in geriatrics and Craig Wilcox, an expert in aging conducted The Okinawa Centenarian study which is the longest living study of centenarians and has examined over 900 centenarians, as well people in their 90s, 80s, and 70s. 

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A new take on Alzheimer’s brings hope for this once elusive disease. Recently labeled type-3 diabetes, Alzheimer’s has now been linked to insulin resistance, the same condition that causes type-2 diabetes. The new perspective on this disease finally opens the door to possible solutions; coconut oil and resveratrol are two

by Dr Ryan Fuller The busy pace of today’s lifestyles means that many of us overlook the power we have to choose to enjoy our world more by living better and longer. Growing older is no longer something we must simply accept and endure – and the 2nd World Conference

What you do to and with your face can have a profound effect on the impact you make in your chosen profession or career. Therefore, you should very carefully choose which anti-aging procedures will be suitable for you, and which might sabotage your ambition or calling, says Dr Salome Gurgenidze,

A LONGEVITY PROMOTION Imedeen, pioneering internal skincare since 1991, is an anti-ageing skincare tablet that helps improve skin all over and designed for different ages and skincare needs. As a market leader in the field of skincare from within, Imedeen is recognised as a benchmark for excellence in offering an

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2nd WORLD CONGRESS ON HEALTHY AGING TO CONVENE IN AUGUST 2015     Internationally Renowned Experts: A global forum is to be held in South Africa with internationally renowned experts who will address healthy aging in the new millennium, with a specific focus on how they apply to the African

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This year’s World Congress on Healthy Aging (WCHA 2015) is being held right here in Sandton next month. According to Time magazine: “We live in extraordinary times. And thanks to medical and scientific advances that even a generation ago would have sounded like science fiction, our lives are getting longer.” This

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The popular view is that massage is only for pampering purposes, not for health and, therefore, that it’s a luxury that few can afford on a regular basis. However, massage has been around for centuries as a therapeutic process which increases mental and physical health and promotes positive aging. According