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It’s that time of the year again. Now while we’re fond of holiday staples such as pumpkin pie, and mashed potatoes, we all know that our holiday meal can’t be complete without a thanksgiving turkey. A staple in almost every American household that celebrates the holiday, there seems to be no

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Antibiotics are drugs that are prescribed to patients to kill bacteria. Their use has saved countless lives. Unfortunately, in recent years their overuse in both animals and humans has become a growing area of concern. The overuse of antibiotics can result in the body becoming resistant to their effects. If

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Antimicrobial resistance doesn’t distinguish between color, economic status or political systems. It affects all seven billion of us, and we need to do something about it. These were the words spoken by the British Economist, Lord Jim O’Neill, who was a speaker at the 9th Discovery Leadership Summit held this

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Antibiotics that are designed for human use have been used in farming over the years to help animal lots grow faster and larger thereby increasing the yield for farmers. This boosts farm to plate efficiency and profitability. It has been estimated that animals who are injected with or fed antibiotics

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Your greatest vitality comes from what you eat – and this has a major impact on how you revitalize. I became interested in food, and in the difference I felt within me when I changed what I ate, about 12 years ago. As my knowledge has deepened over the years,

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Recent findings show that long-term use of antibiotics can impede memory and brain cell growth, as well as gut health. The link between the gut and brain has been under the medical spotlight for over a year. But a recent scientific paper published in April 2016 shows a clear link


Scientists have discovered that enzymes found in the stems and roots of pineapple may help win the battle against drug-resistant super bugs. These findings are a result of increasing efforts by medical research to find alternative treatments to antibiotic-resistant drugs. Australian scientists made the discovery when they used these enzymes

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Rising concerns over superbugs came to a head this week. Last week a 49-year-old woman from Pennsylvanian was diagnosed with an infection of E-coli (with the mcr-1 gene) bacteria that holds resistance to all primary antibiotics. This was the second superbug alarm after Britain’s Treasury secretary Jim O’Neill released the results of a