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It is a frightening time for everyone. Countries, cities, schools, and businesses are shutting down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of us live in areas that have been greatly affected by this dangerous disease. Others are preparing for the worst. All of us are watching the news so that

celebrity trainer Oscar Smith comments on thefuture of fitness [longevity live]

Celebrity trainer Oscar Smith dedicates his time to promoting the fact that fitness is a lifestyle. Smith’s O-D Studio in New York,  attracts celebrities including Katharine McPhee, Tom Brady, Rosario Dawson, Val Kilmer, and many others. But with the world facing the crisis of the century, our routines are all

Experts warn that a historic wave of mental-health problems is approaching following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Tackling this issue is Johns Hopkins. The university is offering an innovative free psychological first aid online course. Coronavirus-related anxiety Like many other parts of the world, America is facing a wave

While some of us have been looking forward to post-lockdown living because it’ll give us a chance to have a social life again, there are some people who are battling with post-lockdown anxiety at the thought of re-entering the world. Now while we’re all looking forward to seeing our family

Forest bathing is what it sounds like. This is a Japanese therapy to help cope with and manage stress, by immersing yourself completely in natural surroundings. Whilst it’s not a literal bath, forest bathing is a sensory bath. Every one of us is surrounded by tons of nature, which also

nutrition for depression [longevity live]

Nutrition might feel a bit like a slippery slope this year, particularly after this tsunami we call 2020. Mother-nature surprised us with a wildcard virus. On top of this, there is financial pressure, lost jobs, systemic racial disputes and all other kinds of upheaval. In essence, not only is our

Breathing helps to keep us alive. However, with the current state of the world, be it the concerns around social justice or worries about the long-term impact of COVID-19, our anxiety levels have reached fever-pitch and it’s impacted how we breathe which, in turn, has affected our health. Thankfully, there

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Everybody seems to be meditating. An ancient tradition that was often synonymous with Buddhist monks, meditation has taken the world by storm and it is continuously spoken about in everyday conversations with many people asking, “so how often do you meditate?” Countless articles have been written about the practice which

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In a perfect world, our anxiety would only help to warn us in the face of danger, saving us from risk. However, more often than not, our anxiety only serves to cripple us and jeopardize our health. With the fear and worry plaguing us during these uncertain times, it’s clear

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Anxiety is among the many psychological reactions of a human or animal’s body in a bid to combat stress. Unlike many people, anxiety continues to prove detrimental to dogs, with owners spending valuable time searching for ideal solutions. It shows how their world lacks significant and dependable approaches that may