Artificial sweeteners

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Trick or treat only comes around once a year and we all know what that means…Candy. Sugary-filled treats and spoils that aren’t so healthy – particularly for our bodies, kids and even sanity. You know what happens when you eat too much candy, right? It’s a sudden burst of energy

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When it comes to enjoying the taste of sodas, but with a little less guilt, sugar and calories – most people turn to diet sodas. Unfortunately, emerging studies are beginning to highlight the health dangers affected by these beverages. In fact, a recent study has linked diet sodas to a

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The wrong kinds of food can negatively affect our brain impacting our memory, our mental health and increase the risk of Alzheimer’s. Like our bodies – our brains need the right nutrients to function. However, indulging in the wrong foods can lead to negative effects such as an increased risk


Many of today’s sugar free products are loaded with a variety of sweeteners. Knowing the differences between each sugar substitute is crucial for your health and waistline. With names such as Neotame, Lactitol and Trehalose, not only have sweeteners become hard to recognize, but they sound more like characters out of