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pelvic curl

Pilates is popular for improving your overall flexibility. You might find yourself putting your body in positions that it is not used to twisting itself into. It takes your body back to moving like a little child. Think of how a child plays. There is no thought or fear of

pelvic curl

Pilates is popular for a ‘full body’ workout. Not only is it able to work the muscles in the body effectively for toning but there are various exercises that focus on the entire body within one repetition. The Pilates Teaser is one of these exercises. When you observe anybody doing

Jada Pinkett Smith | Longevity LIVE

When it comes to staying as fit as celebrities like Jada Pinkett Smith, sometimes this journey can be hindered due to a few obstacles. Firstly, most of us are unable to hire personal trainers that will help ensure we stay in tip top shape. There’s also the factor of not finding