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“With the ‘wellness world’ forever growing, the pursuit of the ‘healthiest’, perfect diet is at an all-time high. Yet along the way, it seems that just about every food group has been vilified, eating styles criticized and weird concoctions seen as the ‘holy grail’. The nutrition world has become a

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If hip hop star Jay-Z’s smashing hit is anything to go by, we all want to live “forever young.” Much to our chagrin, while there have been numerous attempts to find the fountain of youth,  this  still remains an elusive quest. However, the search for ways to roll back the

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Rejuvenate gut bacteria during the summer, so that when it starts getting cold again your body is stronger than before. Health experts keep on talking about the importance of gut health for a reason. When your gut bacteria has gone out of whack, it can have a harmful impact on

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Feeling less hungry during the summer season is a very normal occurrence. Apparently, there’s some science behind it, but in my opinion, it’s also common sense. Think about it. When the weather is hot and sunny, you’re more likely to want to get outside and do more than you would

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Chocolate cookies are a treat that most of us can’t resist and they take me straight back to my childhood. There was nothing better than the smell of fresh, chocolatey cookies baking in granny’s oven. In fact, I’d end up eating the raw cookie dough before we had even baked

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With influential celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian being big fans, it’s no wonder that so many people are looking to adopt the keto diet. But what exactly is this new form of eating and what are its effects on the body? We went and uncovered all the details so you can make


In our minds, being healthy and exercising regularly can grant us another five years of life, a well-trimmed body and assures us a life without diabetes and high blood pressure. Illnesses, such as depression, are often swept under the carpet. But, Lizette Kuhn, a registered dietician at Litchi Living speaking at

With so many diet plans out there, telling us what to do and what not to do, it can become confusing when trying to choose a way of life that is going to lead sustained weight loss, health and overall wellness. While we are not here to tell you what

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Have you ever stopped to look at what are throwing into your grocery basket? Most people, preoccupied by other things, tend to walk down each aisle of the grocery store, reaching for foods we know very  little about, or for convenience food items we believe will suit our busy lives. According to

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With National Nutrition Week running from 9-15 October, employee wellbeing services provider HealthInSite, along with functional food brand, Futurelife,  have released a South African Wellness Review which draws fascinating correlations between dietary choices and other health-related behaviours. The study, which looked at a demographic sample of 6 000 South Africans, showed that