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In this product review article, we share on the best and latest in beauty so that you know exactly what to expect from the newest products on the shelves. For this one, we reviewed the new Be Legendary Liquid Metal lipstick from Smashbox. What does it do? Be Legendary Liquid Metal is a

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These are your top non-invasive beauty treatments for looking healthy and happy until the end of this summer. 1. Olgani Detoxifying Charcoal Toothpaste Why this is a must This toothpaste uses a non-abrasive, bleach-free formula to promote gentle cleaning and prevent damage to the tooth enamel. For cosmetic use, activated

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Is beauty really only skin deep?  While having cosmetic procedures may well be a major part of maintaining your looks, it’s not where it starts… Your diet plays a large role in helping you maintain your overall well being. And your nails, hair and skin health are no exception. For this

Top brands around the world have been using a secret new beauty ingredient you may not know about: intention. Today hospital surgeons, psychologists and even biochemists, are welcoming the art of mindfulness and blessing into their workplace. Even if you are questioning why one would use uplifting intention while making

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  Home treatments are a great way to supplement your in-salon facials, and while there are some fantastic products available, sometimes it is fun to create your own natural products. Here are a few anti-aging recipes to try at home: CUCUMBER AND ALOE COLD CREAM          

Here is a round up of recently released beauty products that will help you age gracefully. LASH ALERT Unfortunately, our eyelashes fall victim to the aging process too. Traditionally eyelashes go through four growth stages: growth, resting, shedding and regrowth. However, as we age, the eyelash follicles slow down in producing eyelashes, or

Looking for beautiful skin? Here are four ways to create a smooth, flawless finish. If you are looking for: ANTI-SHINE Gosh BB Powder All in One (R150) is great if you want a matt finish. The silky, creamy blend combines light-coverage make-up with the added benefits of moisturizing skincare. Available

Mother Nature’s pantry is a bounty of natural beauty skin and hair ingredients that are delivering exciting cosmetic breakthroughs. By Elsa Kruger Coconut oil for shiny hair, chamomile tea or lemon juice for blonde tresses, aloe gel for sunburn and rosemary tea for shiny dark locks. Who hasn’t dipped into