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For most of us much of our week is spent in the workplace. Yet it’s easy to forget about the impact our work meals have on our overall health and productivity. In 2012, the South African Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found 65% for females and 31% for males were

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Conventional dietary principles put grains at the foundation of our nutritional needs. Yet a wave of new eating styles including Paleo, raw food and Banting disagree with this theory. The epidemic of diabetes type 2 and other lifestyle diseases has also put grains under the spotlight. This article investigates the

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The Well Up Challenge – a journey to weight loss and wellness:  Over the past year Longevity hosted a weight loss and wellness challenge which aimed to improve the overall wellness of a group of overweight candidates over a nine month period. Our panel of experts provided advice and support

A natural hormone, that is increased by physical exercise and by exposure to cold, is known to improve blood-sugar control, suppress inflammation and burn fat, reports a scientist at the Harvard Medical School and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The hormone, called meteorin-like, or Metrnl, can be made in the laboratory and