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Making any significant change in your life can be tough. After all, you’ve developed a habit of doing certain things in certain ways and now you want to change all that. It really is like throwing a wrench into all your plans. Even though these changes carry great benefits, they

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The season for fun and sun at the beach or by the pool is officially upon us. However, while one should be soaking up the sun’s rays and enjoying some much needed rest, the obsession to maintain a fit and toned summer body, free of belly fat,  can often get

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Ordinarily, you’d be forgiven for expecting this kind of article in the New Year as people set out their resolutions for the coming months. However, looking after your mind and body is a 24/7, 365 days-a-year job and it’s therefor important to reinforce the simple techniques you can adopt to

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Kim Kardashian announced recently announced that she is no longer going to obsess about snapping a perfect selfie. The compulsive need to take selfies is getting out of hand. She says that she no longer enjoys taking them and there is more to life than taking selfies all day. And for good reasons

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These beauty picks are sure to boost your beauty rituals as well as your mood. 1. Lulu & Marula Nourishing Mask & Polish  This is a two-in-one face mask and exfoliator that can smooth and brighten your skin for a healthy and rejuvenated complexion. Get it for R360 and follow the

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Many of us believe that our psychology resides only in our intricate brain. Quite simply this is not entirely true! The psyche cannot exist without the rest of the body. You can therefore use your body to improve your psyche. Fake It Until You Make It The approach of acting

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It is not easy to get back into shape after you have given birth, and your body may not be the same as before. “However, taking up a healthy lifestyle post-pregnancy depends on two factors: what getting ‘back into shape’ means to you personally, and your ability to stay consistent

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A bladder infection can be be uncomfortable, but lifestyle changes may help to prevent some infections. In this article Dr Bradley Wood, a urologist at Life Fourways Hospital, explains the causes and symptoms of this infection and what best ways to treat it will be. Causes of a Bladder Infection

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Are you the type of person to jump out of bed in a great mood every morning when your alarm goes off or are you the person who crawls out of bed after hitting the snooze button a few times? If you are the latter then the lighting in your

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Exercise is supposed to give you energy, but at what point can it actually drain you of energy? Fitness expert Jenni Rivett is as adamant about the damaging effects of over-exercising as she is about not exercising at all. In this article she shares some great advice. Balance It’s common