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Anyone who has ever suffered from pulmonary fibrosis knows just how scary and anxiety-inducing the experience can be. People with pulmonary fibrosis often experience shortness of breath with movement or even at rest, and the feeling of struggling to breathe and tightness in the chest can be uncomfortable and overwhelming

No matter how stressful your days are, there are simple things you can do to destress. One of those, is to just breathe. Stressed breathing equals shallow breathing. In fact, many of us have mastered the ability to breathe with as little as 20% of our lung capacity. This seems

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You may think you breathing is easy, but studies have shown that the majority of people spend their lives starved of oxygen! Breathing may seem natural and instinctual Рa vital reflex that transports oxygen into your bloodstream Рbut over time, our natural breath rhythms have become dysfunctional. Dr. Ela