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What initially began as a prearranged liver surgery last week for US former president Jimmy Carter has resulted in one of  the most dreaded of life’s discoveries. During the 90-year-old Democrat’s liver surgery at Emory University hospital in Atlanta, doctors discovered cancer that had already spread to other parts of

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The vaccine debate is a contentious one – should you vaccinate against HPV? We investigate In 2014, the South African government launched a national campaign to vaccinate an estimated 500 000 girls in 17 000 schools against cervical cancer. However, the latest studies and reports on the vaccine indicate that

The University of Pretoria, in partnership with the North-West University and the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (Necsa), has made a breakthrough in the field of cancer and TB diagnosis. Researchers have developed a scanner that will soon allow them to significantly speed up the diagnosis process for cancer-spread

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For many cancer survivors – there is no choice. Imagine. Not only are you dealing with a diagnosis of cancer and the multitude of decisions that then have to be made, but, through the very treatments meant to help save you, to give your hope, a future, also rob you

A breath test that could detect lung cancer is to undergo clinical trials in British hospitals. A spin-off firm from Cambridge University, Owlstone, has developed the Lung Cancer Indicator Detection (LuCID) device to detect chemical traces in breath which may indicate if a patient has cancer. Billy Boyle, co-founder of

A rare type of skin cancer has been linked to allergic reactions to metal implants. In experiments with mice, researchers showed that chronic skin inflammation caused by continuous skin contact with allergens can lead to tumor development, according to the study published on October 8th 2014 in the Journal of

The 20th of November is designated annually by the American Cancer Society as the “Great American Smokeout” and this year marks the 38th anniversary of the event.  This is an important day for you, whether you are a smoker or not. If you smoke, it is your best chance to stop

Speaking at his Burn Fat Fast seminar, held at the Centurion Lake Hotel this afternoon, world renowned nutrition expert, Patrick Holford says that he has been studying forms of the high fat, protein and low carb diets for a number of years. While Holford doesn’t have an official nutrition qualification,

Dealing with a diagnosis that will change your life is one thing, but being told there is nothing that can be done to help you is another. 29-year-old Brittany Maynard, who lives in Oregan in the USA, was diagnosed with a stage-4 glioblastoma (a malignant brain tumor) in April this

In a recent issue of the magazine we had a very special feature, which looked at the beauty, strength and inspiration behind seven remarkable women who were all fighting, or had fought, various hard times. One of these incredible women was Tyne Lankwarden, who had been diagnosed with breast cancer at