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More than 10 million people are now infected with COVID-19. The first wave killed over 500,000 people and destroyed the world economy. People realized that they’d have to learn to live with the virus. When winter comes, the second wave of the virus is expected. Everyone needs to be prepared

Lyme Disease in Connecticut

Time and nature wait for no man. While the world focuses on social activism and COVID-19, Lyme disease season has slowly descended upon us. Yes, a walk in the woods is a great way to relieve stress, especially with the state of the world, however, it could also be putting

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As the number of cases associated with the coronavirus continues to rise, in the midst of the panic, people have turned to measures that they believe will help to protect them against the virus. As a result, the demand for face masks has sky-rocketed in the past few weeks.  In

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The opioid epidemic is a serious, growing crisis that continues to threaten global health. In fact, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 45 000 Americans died of opioid overdoses in 2017 (1). In addition, prescription opioids often become gateway drugs, leading individuals to

A second healthcare worker at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, who helped care for Thomas Eric Duncan,  has tested positive for Ebola, health officials said Wednesday. This latest revelation has cast further doubt on the hospital’s ability to handle Ebola and protect employees. The worker, Amber Vinson, 29,  reported a fever

When we look back over the last 7 months since Ebola first broke out in Liberia, it is clear to see that the virus has been tracked according to numbers, whether this is the number of those infected, the number of those who have died or the financial burden the virus is

On Tuesday, 14 October, it was announced that a battalion of 800 Sierra Leone soldiers who were waiting to be deployed as peacekeepers in Somalia, have been placed in quarantine after one of the group’s members tested positive for the deadly virus. The soldiers will remain in quarantine until results

The world is on high alert as Ebola spreads to Europe and the U.S. Spanish nurse Teresa Romero was the only person known to have caught the virus outside Africa, but now a health-care worker in Dallas, Texas who treated dying Liberian patient Thomas Eric Duncan, has tested positive for

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) this week confirmed that the first case of Ebola has been confirmed on American soil. According to the CDC, the patient was diagnosed in Dallas Texas, after having travelled from Liberia recently. The patient reportedly fell ill on  24 September  and sought medical