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Hollywood celebrities [longevity live]

Hollywood celebrities manage to keep their stunning figures long after the festive season. But how do they do it? We would like to know, please? Thankfully, they’ve let us in on some helpful fitness tips. I mean, Christmas time is not exactly full of healthy eating and working out. However,

Jennifer | Longevity LIVE

Our February/March 2018 cover girl Jennifer Lopez is a powerhouse in every right – being an actress, musical superstar and business mogul. However, the stress of multitasking can get to anyone – regardless of how famous and fabulous you are. Jennifer Lopez turns to transcendental meditation to prevent feeling overwhelmed

Cameron Diaz | Longevity LIVE

Actress Cameron Diaz insists that every little bit of exercise helps, and urges people to make a conscious effort to do physical tasks, even if they can’t make it to the gym. She shared with HELLO! magazine: “Just be active. When I’m in California I run in the hills, but