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Men’s stretch marks happen and are very common and don’t just show up on women’s bodies. I’m not sure why we assumed anything different. This is probably why a lot of men walk around with stretch marks feeling insecure and clueless about how to handle them. Often, men’s stretch marks

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Between 80 and 90 % of women admit to experiencing cellulite at some point in their lives. Both fit and slender women are also feature in these numbers. Meaning you’re not alone.  However, the struggle towards finding methods that actually work, leave us feeling alone. As getting rid of it remains

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A vacation is a great time to unwind but also to also look great whilst capturing amazing memories. Aside from packing, pampering yourself before a big trip should also be part of the list. Whether you’re somewhere tropical or cold, beauty treatments can allow you to feel your absolute best

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Walking barefoot on the beach sand isn’t only fun. It is also incredibly good for you! Nothing relaxes me more than a long walk on the beach. I see it as an all-in-one exercise because it’s food for your soul and your body. Doing regular walking is a treat for your

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The skin is the largest organ on our body and as a result, plenty of bacteria and toxins find themselves either trapped in it or excreted through it. The skin is also responsible for protection from the elements, regulating body temperature and circulation. As a result, it does require some

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If your answer to our question was ‘very little’, it would be understandable. For most people, if you asked them to explain fascia, they would be unable to do so. This is because this is likely the one element of our bodies that has most been neglected in study. For years, fascia

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Envision pressing your hand against a tennis racket so that your skin begins to protrude through the gaps of the mesh, forming little bumps. This, in essence, is how cellulite works. Directly beneath the dermis of your skin is a layer of fat cells, which are separated by connective tissue.

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Every woman wishes for that one, simple, solution for cellulite. But what is this dimply tissue and how do we make it vanish? Cellulite Research has discovered that the main culprit is hormonal – oestrogen dominance. This is not surprising considering stress and xenoestrogen environmental chemicals, proliferate our natural oestrogen