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Granted, we exist in the digital age. However, exposing our children to too much screen time too early may be jeopardizing their future. With toddlers having high levels of screen time, there is concern about the effect this could have on their development. Thus a recent study set out to

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It may be a new year but some things will always stand the test of time. Particularly, children being fussy eaters. While this can often be cute, their fretting and desire to eat only specific foods may affect their healthy eating. This can then hinder their proper growth and development.

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Over the last 30 years, children’s fitness levels worldwide have declined! A study led by Dr Grant Tomlinson, an exercise physiologist at the University of South Australia, has found that children today are around 15% less fit than their parents were. Fitness Opportunities And this makes sense. “We have kids

The significance of sleep for optimal growth and development of children cannot be sufficiently emphasized. Yet for a significant number of young children, the quality of this most basic requisite is compromised by the experience of night terrors. Unlike nightmares, which we all know as disturbing or scary dreams, night

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There is no doubt we live in a digital world, surrounded by hashtags and gaming and apps. But there is still much debate around whether parents should be stricter when it comes to their children’s exposure to technology. Can you make technology work for you and your family? Are you