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As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, a lot of us are spending our time indoors. Unfortunately, the increased amount of time we’re spending at home may not be the best for our eating habits. Thankfully, there are a few healthy recipes that can help keep you and your family

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Who said dessert cannot satisfy your sweet tooth and be absolutely delicious while also being good for you? With this ice-cream-like chocolate and coconut cream, your sweetness comes from the fibrous, heart-health-friendly dates, while the cacao powder gives your body a delicious dose of antioxidants, as well as a happy

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We understand that the idea of an avocado chocolate mousse may not sound particularly appealing. But we just ask you give this healthy dessert alternative one go before you judge. Not only will your taste buds be sold, but you can keep healthy and happy whilst scooping up this indulgent

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Try this deep and rich chilli hot chocolate drink that will lift the mood and put a spring in your step. Chilli is to taste and can be very subtle, almost hidden, if you prefer, but there will be a lingering mystery… Plus you get the health benefits of both

The are a number of reasons why good, cocoa-dense, dark chocolate is good for you. Dark chocolate is derived from a plant and the seeds are extracted from the cacao tree, the scientific name for which is Theobroma Cacao. This name is derived from the Greek words, meaning “food of

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Women love chocolate, but should we be eating it? Anyone who has gorged on slabs of milk chocolate will most likely have experienced weight gain, bad skin and addiction, but is there another side that we have forgotten? The social guilt entrenched in our relationship with this treat is now

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Many of us dive for that slab chocolate when our sugar cravings get out of control. Studies now show that taking regular short walks whenever you get that urge to binge on chocolate can actually cut your intake down by half. What We Know About Taking Regular Walks The simple notion

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You’re familiar with the term antioxidant, but do really understand what they are and why antioxidants are so important to your good health and well being? Here are some easy ways to optimise your antioxidant intake and drinking coffee is one of them. Antioxidants are naturally occurring compounds found in

When tucking into chocolaty Easter treats this holiday weekend, those with known allergies are advised to read food labels first. Mariska van Aswegen, spokesperson for Pharma Dynamics says if you can’t read the label don’t eat it – even if it is a product  you have eaten before. Van Aswegen

There’s good news for all those who’ll be receiving chocolates this Valentine’s Day. Researchers with the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Research Service have found a new scientific way to verify the origin of cacao beans. That means you can find out which type of cacao you’re eating and