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Waking up with a clear sense of purpose and meaning is the secret behind why Japanese people live some of the longest and happiest lives. They sum it up in a single word: ikigai. Many of us are experiencing exceptionally challenging times. Yet we’re expected to live longer beyond 100

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Parks, gyms, and fitness centers are slowly reopening and it’s no surprise that a lot of us are looking forward to breaking a sweat in an environment that isn’t your living room. However, with all things post-COVID, the world of fitness has changed, and it includes the use of face

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It is a frightening time for everyone. Countries, cities, schools, and businesses are shutting down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of us live in areas that have been greatly affected by this dangerous disease. Others are preparing for the worst. All of us are watching the news so that

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Depending on the rules, restrictions, and guidelines in your area, you may have been asked to go into self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. You may be a vulnerable member of society or simply apprehensive about the pandemic. Or you may still be self-isolating anyway just for peace of mind. Staying

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Face masks are designed to protect us and our health, however, so many people are trying to find reasons not to wear them. The mask debate continues to rage over on every news site and Twitter timeline as misinformation continues to spread about the safety and necessity of a face

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Wellness, the wine business, and motherhood are exactly what our blonde bombshell actress, Cameron Diaz is focusing on. She’s been a bit quiet in Hollywood. However, she’s been working hard as a new mother and pursuing other business ventures. Diaz has been in the wellness space for a while now,

Experts warn that a historic wave of mental-health problems is approaching following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Tackling this issue is Johns Hopkins. The university is offering an innovative free psychological first aid online course. Coronavirus-related anxiety Like many other parts of the world, America is facing a wave

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A healthy diet, proper nutrition, and regular exercise are important to everybody. For those living with diabetes, they’re essential. It’s more than knowing how and when to check your blood glucose levels, bigger than a quick snack or wearing an insulin pod. It’s a way of life that millions of

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More than 10 million people are now infected with COVID-19. The first wave killed over 500,000 people and destroyed the world economy. People realized that they’d have to learn to live with the virus. When winter comes, the second wave of the virus is expected. Everyone needs to be prepared

The coronavirus pandemic has affected a number of industries all over the globe, and that also includes the fitness world. Fitness industry experts spoke to Longevity Live on The Nielsen Network.  In this series called The Business of Health, they discussed what is happening in this industry, how their businesses