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Mental illness still carries huge stigma in most societies. It is for this reason that most people do not discuss the issues relating to mental illness, one of which is suicide. It is daunting enough having to find yourself in a situation where you find a loved one threatening to

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Women in a healthy balanced state exude a sense of calm, sexy, confidence. Unfortunately our hormones can easily put a damper on things and we know that low progesterone is known to compromise one’s mood, weight balance and libido. Even though oestrogen is seen as the women’s hormone, its sisterly

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For many people with an anxious temperament, the tendency to feel overwhelmed, or even full-blown anxiety or depression, options for relieving this psychological distress is usually limited: take medication or seek psychotherapy. But a growing field of study is suggesting that “alternative” treatments, including yoga, might be benefit to managing

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Today almost 20% of South Africans are suffering from depression and anxiety – and although the word is commonly used in day-to-day conversation, depression is not a disorder to be taken lightly. In fact, if unresolved it can snowball into a far more severe health problem. Recent research in this

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Yoga isn’t the only gift traditional Indian cultures have shared with the west. Turmeric is one of many potent spices treasured by Ayurvedic doctors, and for a good reason. Being the subject of over 7000 peer-reviewed scientific articles, turmeric shows ancient Indian medicine had it right with their bright orange root.

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Everyone loves that feeling of a refreshed and clear mind after a good night’s sleep. Sleep plays a major role in our neurological health, such as cognitive function and memory. Sleep also plays an important role in hormonal health, such as weight balance, stress management and libido, but why would

The contraceptive pill may well be a culprit behind increased depression according to a large study published on 28 September 2016.  For many women, this may explain erratic and negative mood swings. Over 1 Million Women on the Pill The contraceptive pill is used by millions of women worldwide. During its


Science is proving what yoga gurus have taught for centuries. That regular yoga practice is a low risk, high yield way to reduce your stress and anxiety. Yoga Alleviates Depression Despite it’s increasingly popularity over the past decade, the benefits of treating stress and anxiety with yoga hasn’t been that widely

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is one of the fastest growing reproductive disorders in the world today. Affecting around 10% of the world’s female population PCOS has hit the status of epidemic. It’s even effecting celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Jamie Oliver’s wife, Jules Oliver. But there is hope; new schools

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Suffering from exhaustion, sleep disorders and weight problems is no way to live. Today many people are walking around with undiagnosed thyroid conditions. You may have had your thyroid checked and the results were ‘normal’, or you may be on thyroid medication and still be suffering from the same symptoms.