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If you would like to bring about better peace and calm in your life, put these actions into practice. If you try these for at least 21 days, they eventually become a habit. 1. Inhale aromas. When you need to shift how you feel, inhale appropriate aromatic oils. Use calming

Doctor Christie Pilossof of The Advanced Integrative Medical Centre says you can detox and springclean your system – even in the middle of summer. We are living in an extremely toxic world. There has been a dramatic increase in our exposure to environmental toxins over the past few decades. These

So, here are 100 simple ways to be healthy. Over time, you’ll find that these habits start to accumulate. Before you know it, you’ll wake up and discover that you’re leading the healthy, happy life you’ve been aiming for. This article features numbers 11-20. 11. Lower your blood pressure with

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One of the newest and most promising areas of medical research is technology designed to measure your mental health and predict what you are going to do next. Researchers are investigating whether an app and a blood test can predict a suicide risk. A Study on Suicide Predictors: In a

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On commemorating World AIDS Day on the first of December, it is important to discuss some of the issues related to this illness – not just on the day that remembers the disease, but through the month as well. While statistics show a definite improvement in the number of people

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For the ones that are dealing with long term or recurring depression new therapy methods have been discovered. According to research published in The Lancet, cognitive therapy has been found to be as effective as anti-depressant medication. The Study On The Treatment Of Depression: The study compared mindfulness and open

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Internal pain is more than the tears we cry or the smiles we fake. It’s physically emotional. If you experience persistent sadness and a lack of interest in activities you would normally enjoy, accompanied by the inability to perform your daily tasks, you could be suffering from depression. If these

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Walking is one of the greatest exercises you can do to firm your thighs and lift your bum. Recent research suggests that every hour you spend walking – even power walking – may add two hours to your life. Walking can also help lower your risk of heart disease, stroke,

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Mental illness still carries huge stigma in most societies. It is for this reason that most people do not discuss the issues relating to mental illness, one of which is suicide. It is daunting enough having to find yourself in a situation where you find a loved one threatening to

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Women in a healthy balanced state exude a sense of calm, sexy, confidence. Unfortunately our hormones can easily put a damper on things and we know that low progesterone is known to compromise one’s mood, weight balance and libido. Even though oestrogen is seen as the women’s hormone, its sisterly