Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is one of the fastest growing reproductive disorders in the world today. Affecting around 10% of the world’s female population PCOS has hit the status of epidemic. It’s even effecting celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Jamie Oliver’s wife, Jules Oliver. But there is hope; new schools

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Suffering from exhaustion, sleep disorders and weight problems is no way to live. Today many people are walking around with undiagnosed thyroid conditions. You may have had your thyroid checked and the results were ‘normal’, or you may be on thyroid medication and still be suffering from the same symptoms.


In our minds, being healthy and exercising regularly can grant us another five years of life, a well-trimmed body and assures us a life without diabetes and high blood pressure. Illnesses, such as depression, are often swept under the carpet. But, Lizette Kuhn, a registered dietician at Litchi Living speaking at

The latest celebrity fad gives a new meaning to chilling out. Lindsay Lohan, Kate Moss and Demi Moore have taken to standing half naked in cryotherapy saunas. It may sound a little nutty, but this new wave of wellness technology promises that only 3-minutes in freezing cold conditions provides renewed


Imagine if you could increase your health and longevity, just by having fun with friends? Well it seems as though you can. Spending delicious time with close friends is one of the best mood lifters. The University of Michigan have discovered why. Researcher Stephanie Brown, assistant professor of internal medicine, conducted

A series of tweets from Amanda Bynes’ verified Twitter account late Monday night seemed to announce that the actress has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Yahoo news reported that Amanda Bynes tweeted: “I was diagnosed bi-polar and manic depressive so I’m on medication and I’m seeing my psychologist and psychiatrist

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The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) teamed up with Discovery Health SA to present the Mental Health Summit 2014, which was held at Discovery on 4 November. The aim of the summit was to make people more aware of mental health issues as well as the importance of

Sharon Osbourne, co- host of the popular American show The Talk revealed on Monday that she has been battling with depression for 16 years. Sharon opened up about her personal struggle with depression during a discussion regarding Wayne Brady’s recent interview with Eisha Tyler. The 62-year-old cancer survivor admitted that

Mental illness is rife in South Africa, with an estimated 20% of South Africans suffering from some form of mental illness. While the mental state of South Africans is dire, it is still an issue that carries a huge amount of stigma , and this may cause people to keep

“You’re only given one little sparkle of madness. You mustn’t lose it” – Robin Williams     We have lost one of the greatest actors of all time, considered  the epitome of happiness and humour. And yet the life he lived in many of his award-winning films was the complete opposite