The Ebola virus – that was previously only the subject of science fiction movies – has become a global reality. While there have been previous cases of this hemorrhagic fever, since its discovery in 1979 – this is considered to be the most devastating outbreak that has affected thousands of

A recent article posted on Huffington post looks at the every day lives of those on the front line in countries severely affected by the Ebola virus. The aim is to offer an understanding into the current state in disease stricken West Africa. While the disease continues to grip hundreds

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On Thursday, 25 September, it was reported that hundreds of thousands more citizens were put under quarantine as the devastation of the Ebola virus continues to grip Sierra Leone.  Nearly all of the country’s 14 districts are now under either total or partial quarantine, with over one million people affected

According to the Global Hygiene Council, 89% of South Africans believe that their homes pose little to no health risks to them and their families. The Dettol Hygiene Home Truths Survey, which looked at over 16 000 adults living in 16 countries, including South Africa, has also revealed a lack

People around the world are admitted to hospital for a particular problem and acquire secondary infections there, which can often be deadly. In Africa, outbreaks of deadly viruses, such as Ebola and Marburg, are on the increase, causing a rising number of fatalities over the past 10 years. Professor Guy

In June 2013, the American Medical Association formally recognised obesity as a disease itself (rather than a prediction of disease). Now a new joint study, out of the University of Minnesota and the University of Richmond has found that those who understood that they were not only overweight, but had a