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For many people around the globe, 2018 was a year of deep uncertainty and despair. This has been reflected in a deepening crisis in mental health that was brought to our attention in the wake of the suicides of prominent individuals in our societies. We cannot deny that mental health is

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You may think you breathing is easy, but studies have shown that the majority of people spend their lives starved of oxygen! Breathing may seem natural and instinctual – a vital reflex that transports oxygen into your bloodstream – but over time, our natural breath rhythms have become dysfunctional. Dr. Ela

Those love handles and jelly belly are aptly referred to as middle-age spread – not only because they affect us as we head towards our middle age, but also because they target the middle of our body. This weight gain affects both men and women, generally in their 40s, and

According to the World Health Organization, the most common type of headache is the tension headache. This affects two-thirds of men and over 80% of women worldwide. Statistics reveal that up to one in 20 adults has a headache every, or nearly every, day. Dr Ela Manga, medical director of

Dr Ela Manga, an integrative medical practitioner and breathwork coach, has been guiding our Well Up participants through their journey and has been encouraging them to focus on the power of breathing. She explains that in winter, the energy of nature draws inwards. Likewise, as the days get shorter and

As we go about our fast-paced, hectic lifestyles, we take in air in much the same way as we do everything else on the run, with no regard whatsoever to what we’re doing or how we’re doing it. Oxygen feeds every part of the body; and believe it or not

                Our Well Up Challenge, sponsored by Nestle, is well under way, with our 13 participants getting into the swing of things when it comes to their physical and emotional wellbeing. With the support of our expert panel we hope to help our

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Books. We read them for information, for research, for entertainment – or simply to lose ourselves in the story. But did you ever stop to think how books and words shape your life? There is no doubt that books – fiction or non-fiction – influence us. They can inspire and