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In recent years, CBD oil has exploded in popularity. From treating insomnia and depression to reducing pain and inflammation, the FDA has already approved one CBD drug. CBD  has been touted as a cure-all for nearly every ailment under the sun. That said, those who suffer from skin conditions such

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So while parts of the world are going into summer, many countries will be entering winter. Winter is the season that comes with dropping temperatures, which can leave our skin feeling much drier and itchier than it does in the summer. Unfortunately for those dealing with skin conditions such as

New beauty products are always hitting the market and whilst they might be effective, they’re expensive too! It came to my attention the other day that more beauty products are including goat’s milk in their products. I am not a fan of goat’s milk at all in terms of flavour,

eczema | Longevity LIVE

Eczema is a medical condition that features with inflamed red patches on the elbows, arms or knees. It is associated with dry and chapped skin and unstoppable itchiness. This skin disorder is commonly found in both children and adults. Scratching is our natural instinct, which then results in worsening the

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Olive oil is deeply treasured by the Mediterranean people and for good reason. Did you know that olive oil has a myriad of beauty benefits? You might not have to look further than your pantry to maintain youthful, radiant looking skin and hair. Who spends thousands of dollars on expensive,

eczema | Longevity LIVE

If you suffer from dry, dull or rough skin – it’s likely that you’re more prone to developing eczema than others. In children especially, these flare-ups are extremely itchy and can affect every part of their daily life. Four-year old Zaahid Swartland and his 5-year old sister Zahraa, have both