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Former monk Jay Shetty says this might be the perfect time for YOU to start meditating. Take this world crisis as an opportunity brought to us by the Universe to take time to look within. Generally, the world is a busy place with so little time to think about what

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If you think about what makes a perfect leader, you will often find that people have a general opinion on this – charismatic, dynamic, determination and so on. While all of these things stand as true, a leader is much more than just that. How often do you hear that

Psychology of Soccer World Cup

As we approach the 2018 FIFA World Cup Soccer finals,  there are lessons we can learn from the psychology behind the game and how we can apply them to our lives.  By Dr Karina de Bruin. So far this year’s World Cup tournament has been marked by huge upsets, leading

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Internal pain is more than the tears we cry or the smiles we fake. It’s physically emotional. If you experience persistent sadness and a lack of interest in activities you would normally enjoy, accompanied by the inability to perform your daily tasks, you could be suffering from depression. If these