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Organic tampons

The word organic has become synonymous with good health, especially when it comes to food produce and beauty products. That said, women are increasingly on the hunt for healthier,  feminine hygiene products,  including organic tampons. But are they really healthier and worth the additional price? Following in the footsteps of brands

period | Longevity LIVE

It’s a fact: exercise makes everything better. You sleep deeper, you enjoy your meals more, you move with more confidence and your skin has a healthy glow. However, for a few days each month, the last thing most women feels like doing is hitting the treadmill or even doing a

yeast infection | Longevity LIVE

A healthy vagina contains both bacterial and yeast cells. However, when the balance of these two compounds shifts, it can potentially cause an infection. Although embarrassing, a vaginal yeast infection is incredibly common. It is so common that nearly three-quarters of all women will experience one at some point in their

menopause | Longevity LIVE

Menopause is a stage of a woman’s life which sees a lot of changes take place. The most common one is the ending of menstrual cycles in her life. Understandably, this stage affects women in different ways – and while some happily welcome it, others are more emotionally affected. Regardless, this is an important

hysterectomy | Longevity LIVE

According to the British Medical Association, hysterectomy (the surgical removal of the uterus) is one of the most common operations performed in Western countries. Statistics reveal that by the age of 55, around one in five UK women would have undergone a partial or full hysterectomy. In some countries, such