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exercise clothes [longevity live]

Exercise clothes are everywhere, from online to your closest shopping mall. Are they overrated? That’s debatable. It’s a given that as soon as you walk into a new and trendy gym, you’ll find so many people in their neon or floral print yoga pants, tight futuristic tank tops, and specialized

Selena Gomez [longevity live]

Selena Gomez is the ultimate inspiration for any daring women out there. Unlike many other celebrities her age, she manages to continue defying society by cutting its noise out entirely. Puma celebrates its 70th anniversary by collaborating with Gomez to revive their brand through the popstar’s message rather than her fame.

activewear [longevity live]

Activewear brands are changing focus because our attitude towards fitness and life, in general, has changed. Maintaining a hardcore work ethic throughout your life, or in the gym, can be extremely tiresome. Especially if its done without any breaks. In our crazy work schedules and personal lives, we barely make time