Dr Siobhan Dawson will join us for an open event to talk about how we can manage stress, anxiety and transform our health during challenging COVID-19 times. On April 20th 2020, 16h00 Standard Time,  Dr Siobhan Dawson will be sharing her unique insights and knowledge as well as integrative psychiatric


Everyone is talking about “hacking FLOW states”, meaning they’ve found a way to pursue exhilarating lives. If you’re like me, often life feels more like a hack and not at all flowy! A new little human being has recently joined our family tribe and, suddenly, negotiating outings have become a

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Yoga is a practice that has become a symbol of peace and serenity throughout the West, and has become increasingly popular. Millions of people find themselves in a yoga class every day. Meaning, you’re sure to know a yogi or two that raves about the mind-body practice. In addition to


How do you go about achieving a flow in your fitness regime? A common question regarding the momentum one is able to achieve in fitness is sometimes phrased: How do I stay in the groove? How can I achieve that fit as a fiddle body? How may I act and