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It’s a trait that naturally presents itself in only 2% of the population, it can generate its own Vitamin D with little sunlight, and it generally requires more anesthesia than other hair colors. Red hair has always been a source of fascination to humanity, especially because it is so scarce.

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It’s the body’s largest organ – around two square meters – and makes up around 16% of our body weight. So, why do we neglect our skin? Dr Sly Nedic, a physician board-certified in anti- aging medicine by the World Organisation of Anti- Aging Medicine, aesthetic specialist and founder of 8th

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The science of DNA has found another area where it can impact the way the healthcare system works. In December last year there was a severe malaria outbreak in South Africa, specifically in provinces such as Limpopo and Mpumalanga, where cases of cerebral malaria were reported. The South Africa National

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For all living beings, sleep and proper rest is essential to our ongoing and functional health, and is related to genes in the same way as nutrition and exercise. It is said that the human body can survive three times as long without food as it can function without sleep.

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Did you know that your genes play a role in determining the manner in which you age? Researchers have identified the FOXO3A gene as having a significant impact on your longevity. Dr Bradley Wilcox is an expert in the field of genetic, environmental and clinical aspects of healthy aging, has

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We all know that stress can have a damaging effect on our lifespan. Now a new study has discovered the genes that are responsible for this. Researchers have identified a series of genes that appear to control the effects of stress and mood on lifespan. The researchers believe that the ANK3 gene

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“No matter your bad habits or genes, you can put the past behind you, change your body and improve your health,”  explained Dr. Michael Roizen at a private dinner presentation I recently attended, hosted by Access Circles in New York. Access Circles is an exclusive, by invitation only membership group

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What role do our genes play in the aging process? How can exercise influence this role at a molecular level? Recent research shows that long term exercise promotes natural anti-aging. The 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider and Jack Szostak “for the

Scientists have uncovered more than 90 new gene regions that could help explain why some people are more likely to put on weight than others. According to a study published in the journal Nature, a team of experts looked at the DNA libraries of more than 300 000 people, constructing the

Scientists suggest a male gene may be linked to longevity and the male Y chromosome may have a role prolonging men’s lives, but also fighting cancer. The study Research into 1,153 elderly men at the University of Sweden found those who had lost part of their Y chromosome died on