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Although your job may require you sitting at a desk all day, your refusal to move can be quite hazardous to your health. This sedentary habit can lead to issues such as poor posture as well as an increase in your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Furthermore, a recent

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Strong, tones muscles will always be a coveted element of health, and for good reason. They cannot be bought, inherited or exchanged, which means that anyone who has them, had to put in the work to build them through different, hard exercises and good diet. Here are the best exercises

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What happens when you mix yoga, salsa, ab express and step class together for Adidas, you ask? Well, to sum it up nicely a lot of sweat, laughter and the dawning realisation that you’re not as fit as you thought you were. However before I share the details with you, I

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The holiday’s are always a time to indulge a bit. However, as the new year begins, we need to give it the best kickstart possible. Here are 5 short and simple exercises to help tone and firm up any areas you may have neglected over the festive season… Exercise 1:

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Muscle is a magical tissue providing the means for our every day movement. In this article I will uncover it’s magical workings for you and how these impact on your training! Myosin are microscopic hair like tendrils that act like a hand taking hold of a ladder rung and pulling

Sometimes being inactive is the most active you can possibly be. Known as the open-air capital of Europe, Oslo, Norway has its roots in health. The city, with long classical vistas and architecture dating back to the 19th Century, makes for a quiet place to fully rejuvenate, Nordic-style. Established in

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  In the last article we looked at eating out and making healthier choices while travelling. In this follow up article, we will touch on how to eat healthy,  Looking at basic nutritional principles and an effective workout – no matter where you may be. Homemade or selfmade meals can

It’s an unlikely match: a South Korean tech giant and an American health insurance company. But as unlikely as the collaboration seems, so the success of their pet project has been remarkable. A health and fitness app that is being met with rave reviews. Coach by Cinga, a mobile application for your smartphone

Cristiano Ronaldo is revered around the world for his skills on the field.  The captain of the Portugal national football team and global celebrity recently celebrated his 30th birthday and revealed the secrets to his physically appealing body. Compared to the skinny teenager that arrived at Old Trafford in 2003, the

Women would benefit from being prescribed exercise as medicine – at least that’s what the research says. According to the findings of a study conducted by Queens University of Technology, moderate to high intensity activity is essential to reducing the risk of death in older women. Professor Debra Anderson of