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asbestos | Longevity LIVE

A common question among mesothelioma patients, or even people just interested in learning about the cancer, revolves around levels of asbestos exposure. They ask, “How much asbestos must you be exposed to in order to develop mesothelioma?” or “How often must asbestos exposure occur for you to be in danger?” The

diabetes | Longevity LIVE

A healthy diet, proper nutrition, and regular exercise are important to everybody. For those living with diabetes, they’re essential. It’s more than knowing how and when to check your blood glucose levels, bigger than a quick snack or wearing an insulin pod. It’s a way of life that millions of

alcoholism | Longevity LIVE

Alcoholism is a curable disease. Just like other diseases, alcohol addiction has symptoms and signs. It’s important that these warning signs of alcohol addiction are recognized early and treatment availed. Unfortunately, many people don’t recognize the warning signs of alcohol addiction until it is too late. Alcohol consumption is an

false | Longevity LIVE

More than 10 million people are now infected with COVID-19. The first wave killed over 500,000 people and destroyed the world economy. People realized that they’d have to learn to live with the virus. When winter comes, the second wave of the virus is expected. Everyone needs to be prepared

trip | Longevity LIVE

Millions of people throughout the country and around the globe have had their travel plans impacted by the spread of COVID-19. Many were left struggling to find their way home when lockdowns began. Others, on the other hand, were left canceling their future travel plans for the summer months. While

mental vacation | Longevity LIVE

Here’s the situation: You’ve been working long hours and attending pointless ZOOM meetings for weeks on end. Your workload continues to pile up, deadlines are getting tighter and you’re stressed to the max. Oh, not to mention, you’re also trying to survive a pandemic. You’re burnt out and utterly exhausted.

healthcare | Longevity LIVE

Good health is the most important part of our lives—without it, nothing else matters. A decline in a specific aspect of a person’s health can have a knock-on effect on other parts of their life. The fact is, people of all ages and genders can be affected by health issues.

men | Longevity LIVE

Men tend not to want to know about or address male reproductive diseases or diseases of the urinary tract, but it is really important that they do, as it can significantly improve their health – and even save their lives. Men and their health Here are some issues men and

rejuvenation | Longevity LIVE

Anti-aging treatments are rising in popularity. Whether it’s a cream, serum, or some form of cosmetic surgery, many patients are trying to avoid the inevitable natural process of aging. Many patients tend to tackle aging in the facial area, using skincare routines, or trying to get rid of fine lines

breast cancer | Longevity LIVE

Although seen as a predominantly female disease, breast cancer affects men too. If you are worried about your breast health, it is important to remember the significance of early detection. Fear of coronavirus should not lead to the delayed diagnosis and treatment of cancer with inevitable, unnecessary loss of life.