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When it comes to the growing list of superfoods, moringa always seems to be at the top of the pile. Native to northern India, Moringa Oleifera has quickly become a favorite supplement among health enthusiasts. They often use it in the form of a powder, capsule, oil or tea. Unlike

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Spa-worthy shower hacks are available at a much more affordable rate than an expensive spa treatment. And if you make these easy switches you’ll have the hair, skin and mood just like you would after a full treatment. Besides, there’s nothing more relaxing than the feeling of hot water running

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It’s difficult to believe is just how easily accessible harmful beauty ingredients are. Just because you shop at your local pharmacy, it doesn’t mean the products are all that safe for you. So, the question here is this: Do you know how many toxic beauty ingredients there are in your cupboard

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Sun-damage to our skin is not the only contributor to a look of premature aging due to dehydration and damage; our hair can suffer the same effect. A combination of summer sun, dry air, swimming and heat styling can leave your crowning glory looking decidedly less glorious than you’d like.

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Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. “Think of it like fertilising your garden,” says Shelene Shaer, owner of Tanaz Hair, Body and Nails (1). “A good fertiliser ensures a healthy, strong, growing garden. It’s the same with your hair.” Lifecycle of your hair 1. The anagen (growing) phase: This