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Opening your own business can change your entire lifestyle, from the amount of free time that you have available to your daily routine and the way that you work. This can have both a positive and negative impact on your health. Not only this, but your overall health can affect

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If you don’t know by now, it’s a fact that women live longer than men.  Any visit to an old age home will confirm this, and the science backs it up.   Indeed, women can expect to live 7.6% longer than men at age 20 years, and 14% longer at age


Growing up, I hated broccoli. However, my mother,  a self-proclaimed hippy with some working knowledge of nutrition used to tell me, if I didn’t eat my broccoli, I wouldn’t be healthy and live a long life. Imagine all of that for a 7-year old to digest.  I already learned about

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Each year, new diet trends appear on the scene, and a new way of eating or not eating makes the list. South Beach, Paleolific, Ketogenic, Whole30, Zone Diet, Vegan, Raw Food, Atkins, the Volumetric diet, the list goes on and on.  With global obesity on the rise,  it’s  easy to

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A career in the healthcare industry is a lucrative one, especially if you’re equipped with the right skills. If you’re planning to start your career in the medical field, give yourself a good head start by taking up a first aid course, having a specialty, and finding a mentor. Why

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Good health is the most important part of our lives—without it, nothing else matters. A decline in a specific aspect of a person’s health can have a knock-on effect on other parts of their life. The fact is, people of all ages and genders can be affected by health issues.

Rewind the clock for three decades.  We find ourselves at a time when the family would sit together around the dinner table, discussing their day while enjoying a meal that was prepared mostly with love and care. This time spent together allowed everyone to grow closer and offer a sense

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A family that has a strong orientation to health and longevity will be more fulfilled, more resilient and adaptable to ever-changing environments, and generally more appreciative of one another’s unique differences. Of course, this is related to ingesting adequate nutrients, participating in moderate exercise and hygiene, and prioritizing fulfilling, meaningful

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Longevity has teamed up with health and fitness specialist Jenni Rivett to host a morning livestream event, A Healthy and Happy Body In Lockdown.  Jenni Rivett will help us wake up as share her insights and help provide essential tips for how you can manage your health as well as

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Last year, Finland was named the Happiest Country in the World, for the second year in a row. It’s clear that Finland takes the well-being of its citizens very seriously. That said, with a brand new year ahead of us, perhaps it’s best to adopt a more Finnish approach to