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Your metabolism is partly determined by genetics, age, height and how active you are, but speeding it up can help promote weight loss. Add these foods to your diet to give your metabolism a boost and help you feel more energized while burning a few calories. 1. Cinnamon Adding a

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For some it’s simply common sense that eating organic, food free of artificial ingredients, using natural skincare products and cosmetics, and cleaning your home with safe products is going to be much better for you and your family, as well as the environment. For others there is a question of


Are you feeling confused about whether or not to include or remove sugar substitutes from your diet? The pressure is on to get fit, lose weight and lower our calorie intake. But how do we know what is really healthiest for us in the long run? From artificial sweeteners, to sugar


 Dr. Jean Adams from the Centre for Diet & Activity Research, Medical Research Council Epidemiology Unit has investigated why current weight loss interventions keep thin people thin, while fat people get bigger.  The University of Cambridge has released her new essay which indicates that while the implementation of a sugar tax

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The holidays are finally here. It’s time to kick your shoes off and celebrate life with loved ones. We know that relaxation and fun are just as important to our wellbeing as healthy lifestyle habits, but during the holidays it’s very easy to have ‘too much of a good thing’.

  Sometimes simplifying our world and our bodies for a moment allows the old story to ‘leave the building’. Other times we need to get a little intimate with our organs. Either way the different faces of detoxification are worth the delicious renewed vigour they are capable of unlocking. Getting

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By: Angus McIntosh Your greatest vitality comes from what you eat. I became interested in food, and in the di­fference I felt within me when I changed what I ate, about 12 years ago. As my knowledge has deepened over the years, I can understand why many people show no

Recipe by Chef Peter Ayub, Sense of Taste – Uncomplicated Food For Every Occasion (Human & Rousseau) The story behind the bunny chow… Back in the days of the apartheid regime, there was a restaurant-cum-café called Kapitan’s on the corner of Victoria and Albert streets in Durban. The bunny chow

Healthy eating is not always easy because it takes a little more preparation time and planning than normal, but the rewards are worth the extra effort. The latest trend in health eating is mason jar meals –   meals prepared ahead of time and stored in a mason jar for

A new fascinating study has found a link between eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and wellbeing. The research team, led by University of Otago psychologist Tamlin Conner,  told Huffingtonpost: “These findings suggest that fruit and vegetable intake is related to other aspects of human flourishing, beyond just feeling happy.”