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We all enjoy a good green salad. Not only does it bring much needed colour to our meals, but it also provides antioxidants, vitamins and other essential nutrients. Moreover, the inclusion of a homemade dressing ensures that you do not consume any hidden sugars and harmful preservatives. Using honey in

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If you’re looking for a meal that’s rich in antioxidants and proteins, then look no further than the protein-rich fishcakes. Fish fillets are extremely high in omega-3 fatty acids and these acids are vital to optimum health. The addition of mushrooms helps to, according to studies, prevent the formation of

sweet potato [longevity live]

Sweet potato is a deliciously healthy favorite that most of us love. This is because of both its incredible taste, texture, and flavor, not to mention it’s nutritional content and the fact that sweet potato is a complex carbohydrate. The vegetable has a low glycemic index (GI) and is loaded

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Meal prep is the hype in both the fitness and health industries. It’s an effective strategy to save time and money, whilst you lose, maintain or gain weight for your overall health. It can be really beneficial to your health. But only if you actually execute it properly. We have

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Papaya and banana are delicious together. If you want to stay lean like a celebrity on holiday. Then you need to try this recipe. Both fruits help improve digestion and might even burn some unwanted fat. This tasty smoothie makes a filling and nutritious breakfast in no time. You can

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This delicious chicken is perfect served with brown rice and a mixed green salad or chopped cucumber and tomato salad. Serves 2 Ingredients 2 skinless, boneless chicken breasts (150g each) 120g reduced-fat hummus (this can be either storebought or home made, as provided in the recipe below) 1 lemon, sliced

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Food choices and our health go hand in hand. A new study, published in the European Heart Journal, has shown that individuals with heart disease who eat a Mediterranean style diet are at a lower risk of experiencing a heart attack or a stroke. The study tracked 15 482 people

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Looking for a tasty & quick lunch today? Try this roast vegetable and feta pita. The recipe is extracted from Fast Food For Sustained Energy by Celynn Erasmus and Gabi Steenkamp. The two nutrition experts have teamed up to provide a practical guide for those who want to have healthy,

recipe | Longevity Live

Longevity loves this balsamic steak dish created by Juleta Hirner. It’s full of flavor, high in protein and low in fat. You can also substitute with an ostrich steak for an even lower fat version. Ingredients: 4 x 200 g fillet steaks 4 Tbs good-quality balsamic vinegar 200 g rosa

This delicious and healthy dish is aimed at anyone who wants to eat meat free today and is conscious about eating cleaner and healthier. Why you should eat more sweet potatoes and butternut. Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin B6 which helps in the prevention of heart attacks. They are an excellent