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Being health-conscious should involve keeping your home safe and healthy too. Family members may find that their allergies are more irritating at home than in other environments. While you may feel that you clean and maintain your home well, there are generally things that can be done to make it

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Depending on the rules, restrictions, and guidelines in your area, you may have been asked to go into self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. You may be a vulnerable member of society or simply apprehensive about the pandemic. Or you may still be self-isolating anyway just for peace of mind. Staying

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The good news is there ‘s an increasing number of meat substitutes out there. Unfortunately, not all of them are healthy. Camille Skoda, dietitian at a leading American hospital,  Cleveland Clinic, explains how to choose them. Meat alternatives offer several advantages compared to meat. Vegan versions of burgers, for example,

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More than 10 million people are now infected with COVID-19. The first wave killed over 500,000 people and destroyed the world economy. People realized that they’d have to learn to live with the virus. When winter comes, the second wave of the virus is expected. Everyone needs to be prepared

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A family that has a strong orientation to health and longevity will be more fulfilled, more resilient and adaptable to ever-changing environments, and generally more appreciative of one another’s unique differences. Of course, this is related to ingesting adequate nutrients, participating in moderate exercise and hygiene, and prioritizing fulfilling, meaningful

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Longevity has teamed up with health and fitness specialist Jenni Rivett to host a morning livestream event, A Healthy and Happy Body In Lockdown.  Jenni Rivett will help us wake up as share her insights and help provide essential tips for how you can manage your health as well as

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Everybody seems to be meditating. An ancient tradition that was often synonymous with Buddhist monks, meditation has taken the world by storm and it is continuously spoken about in everyday conversations with many people asking, “so how often do you meditate?” Countless articles have been written about the practice which

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We know how chaotic life can be sometimes, especially for people who like to stay busy. If you feel like you haven’t been giving yourself enough time to rest, it’s important to make time for some self-care. Creating a routine for yourself is the best way to practice healthy habits

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It’s the start of a new year, and for a lot of us, that means re-prioritizing our health and wellness. That said, a lot of us are guilty of falling into crazy January, restrictive fads that force us to cut back on large amounts of food, that serves to be

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Vera Wang is an esteemed designer, best known for her bridal gowns and red carpet dresses. However, the American fashion designer is making headlines for another incredible reason. While spending lockdown in Miami, the 70-year-old innovator has been passing the time posting photos and her followers are completely enamored with