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Gynecomastia, man boobs are quite a common problem that many men end up having to face. In fact, having that extra flab on your chest is more worrying in terms of your health than the way you think it makes you look. Some guys have even termed man boobs, ‘moobs’.

The safety and efficacy of the vampire facial (Platalet-Rich Plasma or PRP treatment) is under fire, following the recent infection with HIV of two people who underwent this treatment. Both were clients of the now-closed VIP Spa in Albuquerque. After an inspection that discovered problems in the spa’s handling of

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Global statistics show that approximately 37 million people worldwide are currently living with HIV (1). Unfortunately, there is no cure for the disease and the only way to manage it is with ARVs. However, a recent study shows promising news in regards to finding a cure for the disease. It’s

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It would seem as though some battles are being won in the fight against HIV/AIDS, with 1.4 million new infections among children under 15 successfully averted since the year 2010. According to Dr Idris Baba – HIV/AIDS specialist with UNICEF in Kaduna, Nigeria – 80% of pregnant women with HIV

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Statistics South Africa released the latest data on national mortality this week, revealing that South Africa’s mortality rate is the lowest that it has been in over a decade. 6.5% less deaths occurred in 2013 in comparison with 2012, this is indicated in the drop from 491 100 recorded deaths

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On Tuesday 17 2015, Charlie Sheen revealed he is HIV positive on the NBC Today Show. After four years of attempting to keep his status a secret, wild rumours and blackmail forced Sheen to rethink his situation. He finally decided to share his truth with the world. The Today Show

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A new draft health regulation policy tabled by Californian health authorities may require porn actors to wear goggles for their protection. According to the LA Daily News, California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health has released a 21-page draft detailing regulations and practices designed to keep porn stars healthy and safe. Extract From

On 9th March 2015, Howard Hughes Medical Institute announced their development of a new, powerful vaccination against the herpes virus. Achieving great success in the initial testing stages (on animal subjects) the vaccine will now be put forth for FDA approval, ensuring its safety for human use and promising an

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SA government minister issued out a statement on Monday saying the country will spend R24bn over two years on life-saving HIV/Aids drugs for public hospitals. Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies said the government aimed to buy three-quarters of the drugs locally. The tender represents a big rise from 2012

When we look back over the last 7 months since Ebola first broke out in Liberia, it is clear to see that the virus has been tracked according to numbers, whether this is the number of those infected, the number of those who have died or the financial burden the virus is