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Being health-conscious should involve keeping your home safe and healthy too. Family members may find that their allergies are more irritating at home than in other environments. While you may feel that you clean and maintain your home well, there are generally things that can be done to make it

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A family that has a strong orientation to health and longevity will be more fulfilled, more resilient and adaptable to ever-changing environments, and generally more appreciative of one another’s unique differences. Of course, this is related to ingesting adequate nutrients, participating in moderate exercise and hygiene, and prioritizing fulfilling, meaningful

Now that the world is spending much more time at home, your space should be as cozy and as comfortable as possible. You want to enjoy spending time at home amidst all the worry and anxiety that has characterized this quarantine period. There’s a need to stay positive, motivated, and

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In a perfect world, our anxiety would only help to warn us in the face of danger, saving us from risk. However, more often than not, our anxiety only serves to cripple us and jeopardize our health. With the fear and worry plaguing us during these uncertain times, it’s clear

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Time scarcity is a real issue when you’re having to adjust to working in a home environment.  Author, TED speaker and consultant Lori Milner shares her 6 key tools to help you gain more time working from home. From time scarcity to time abundance I’ve been working with many teams

It’s important now more than ever to stay in good health. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 crisis has removed a lot of ways that we usually stay healthy. For those who attend physical therapy, you’ve likely been told to avoid going to your doctor’s office. The good news is, there are many

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Chances are, you’re going to be housebound for the next 2 to 3 weeks, especially with both school and work shutdown. As a result of the coronavirus quarantine, you may be doing your best to limit your trips to the grocery store. Now with you spending so much time indoors,

Safe Home for aging parent

Making a home safe  for your aging parent requires consideration and detail. Many people focus more on the beauty of their homes that they forget about whether it can accommodate different members of the family or not. For instance, as parents grow old, they become unstable, weak, and their bodies

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What does it really mean to be more energy efficient? Over the years, people have become consciously aware of their environment. More people are learning about the rising global problems because of wasted energy. As a result, they have strayed away from energy sources such as oil or gas. Instead, they’ve

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We are almost hitting the half-year mark for 2018 – and how many of us can say we diligently stuck to our resolutions of changing our lifestyles and improving our fitness? If you can honestly answer yes, congratulations on your persistence and hard work; you will likely close off the