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As sweet as sugar is, it doesn’t have the best effect on your health. That said, a lot of people have now turned to natural sugars that will serve to nourish the body and promote good health. A popular staple, honey is one of the best ways you can get

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When it comes to beauty and caring for your skin, natural is always the best way to go – with bigger beauty brands coming to that realization today. With your skin being the largest organ on your body, it is important to always give it the best care you can.

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Kenyan Dawa cocktails were first introduced to me whilst sailing along the Kenyan coastline at sunset. They handed this concoction to me. Surprised, I discovered it’s known as Kenya’s ‘magic potion’ to cure all health ailments. Could this be true? I think so. It seems that this is a drink

honey | longevity LIVE

The background: As a beauty-hungry teenager with (of course) no money, I stumbled upon a book from my mum’s library, which very quickly became my first beauty bible. This was the “Vogue’s Body and Beauty Bible” from 1977. I did a bit research and realized the natural ingredients had for DIY beauty rituals as

Here, we give you our Longevity picks for the super nude, superfood health products we absolutely love. Their benefits are sure to improve your life! 1. Skinny Green Tea  Price: R120 Size: 1 carton (containing 20 teabags) Where to buy it: find it at the following link. What is it? 

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Sweeten up Valentine’s Day with a perfect Pouyoukas treat from the Mediterranean. This mixed seed baklava recipe is a dessert to impress and will be greatly appreciated. Baklava is one of those desserts that has a reputation for being difficult to make but this recipe is surprisingly easy. The rich,

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Some may like to call me a tea ‘snob’ – but I prefer to use the term ‘connoisseur’ and here’s why: Although I have never shunned the basic types of tea options available, I am a good mixture between a health nut and a foodie – which means I am always searching for better, tastier

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Sticky, sweet and utterly delicious – honey is one of the few things that tastes as good as it is for your body. “A rising tide of doctors and health care providers are now urging their patients to eat this “life-giving” sugar every single day. They’re not just recommending it

Wondering what you can conjure up for a really tasty breakfast treat, or looking for an alternative healthy dessert? We love this recipe for Baked Rhubarb with Fig, Amaretto and Toasted Honey Organic Oats created by ELLE Decoration South Africa and the talented Maranda Engelbrecht. The magic ingredient is honey.

Some of the best first aid tools can be found in your kitchen! How nice is that? To have food in your house that could help in a health crisis. But, that doesn’t mean you should not have some Band-Aids and first-aid ointment in your bathroom cabinet too. Dr Manny