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It is not easy to get back into shape after you have given birth, and your body may not be the same as before. “However, taking up a healthy lifestyle post-pregnancy depends on two factors: what getting ‘back into shape’ means to you personally, and your ability to stay consistent

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If you are looking to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle then the following five food felons should be avoided at all costs. Dr. Michael Roizen shares his insights into the most common problems individuals experience when trying to lose weight, as well as the true impact that processed

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Digestion. How often do you think about it? For starters, your digestive system has one hundred trillion microbes. Most of you only think about this inner zoo only when it pumps out too much gas at an embarrassing moment, or sends you running to the toilet with diarrhea. But these

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James Duigan, author of clean and lean for life the cookbook and founder of the Bodyism method, shares his holistic approach to life. The most important thing you can do for your health is really quite simple, says celebrity fitness expert James Duigan. “Recognise and understand that you deserve a happy and

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Track your measurements not your weight. The idea around this explains fitness expert Dorian Cabral, is to change your mindset and take the focus away from how much weight you have to lose, rather looking at improving your overall health. “Comprehensive heath assessments are a necessity for knowing your health


A promising new study suggests that in the future you may be able to genetically ‘edit out’ the gene responsible for obesity. A team of researchers, lead by Harvard Medical School investigators at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and MIT, have recently been able to explain the mechanisms fuelling the

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Have you been thinking about cutting down on sugar? What better time than just before summer? Karen Thompson and UK dietician, Emily Maguire, thought up Sugar Free September to encourage people to see how 30 days of sugar free living can change their health and well being. Emily is a