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Despite numerous public health campaigns aimed at reducing unnecessary prescriptions for antibiotics, these medications continue to be prescribed at startlingly high rates and is set to surge again this winter as we enter the colds and flu season. In a national survey conducted by Pharma Dynamics – a responsible provider

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3M has used World TB Awareness Day, 24 March, as a Launchpad for its Live Life, Breathe campaign aimed primarily at professionals working to eradicate the disease. The campaign signals a renewal of 3M’s commitment to working with all role-players in the fight against MDR-TB, and is focused on continuing

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Chronic low-grade inflammation is the root of all disease. As a result, it is also heavily implicated in aging. By reducing the pro-inflammatory aspects of our lifestyle, we will remain youthful and live better for longer. What is chronic low-grade inflammation? Low-grade inflammation can be understood as an immune system