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Trendy almond milk is now known as the optimal way to start your day. It’s a vegan superfood and cow’s milk is getting left behind. We’re seeing the dairy industry drop in sales day by day. More people are choosing trendy almond milk or other substitutes instead. But is this

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Making healthy choices is difficult when the consequences of your bad choices don’t show up right away. That’s one reason why it’s touch for some folks to recognize that they’re on a glide path to Type-2 diabetes. But we’re here to alert you to the signs and help you prevent

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Around 20% of women worldwide suffer from PCOS – or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome – making it the largest hormonal problem to date. Yet millions of women go undiagnosed. Dr Malikah Van der Schyff is a Cape Town gynaecologist and obstetrician. She points out: “PCOS is a complex syndrome made up

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Taking care of what you choose to eat before bed is something many won’t prioritise. And although the two topics may seem unrelated. Often your evening snacks could be the very reason why you may not be getting z’s at night. So knowing how to eat for better sleep is

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12-year old student at Cornwall Hill College, Zaria, was in the car one day with her mother when she overheard a radio discussion about a diabetic woman managed her insulin levels naturally by drinking rooibos tea on a regular basis. The Zaria’s family Labrador, Jesse, is diabetic. She also needs regular insulin

Diabetes is no longer an illness that affects a few. As our world becomes increasingly less active and consumes too much unhealthy, processed and high calorie foods, lifestyle diseases have soared into the millions. Diabetes is nestling comfortably near the top of the list. This epidemic is no secret. New