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Most people these days invest in finding the best, most comfortable mattress ever. Yet, simultaneously, a growing number of people are deciding to ditch the bed as we know it. In fact, they’re choosing to sleep on the floor. A glance at the Japanese will show you that the practice

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We live in a global village and this fact has allowed us to learn from other cultures across the world. Cultural practices that are readily adopted include dietary habits. However, the rapid rise of K beauty in popular culture has proven that there is also an interest in worldwide beauty

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The Okinawa diet is an eating style adopted by people living in Japan’s Okinawa islands. Aside from being rich in nutrients, this diet has garnered attraction as it is one reason why it makes Okinawa a Blue Zone. Blue zones refer to regions around the world that contain large amounts


It’s been 81 days since I arrived in the beautiful country of Japan to start a new life.   This will be my home for the next five years and already I’ve have experienced a profound difference and change of pace compared to my birthplace in Africa.  I’ve discovered the true

Healthy Habits Of Japanese

I’ve been living in Japan for just over three weeks and while it’s an exciting journey for me,  I must admit I’m finding the heat unbelievable.  It’s pretty much like being in a mild sauna, even well into into the night. On the upside, drying clothes has never been easier! 

Finding fitness in Japan

Re-locating to a foreign country is always a serious challenge for a determined fitness athlete like myself. This is especially true for a country where the general population does not speak English, like in  Japan. There are many hurdles you encounter when you travel as a fitness enthusiast. These range