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With throngs of beauty-minded folks endeavoring to “see and be seen” post-quarantine after a long and arduous lockdown, it’s time to get back on board with beauty routines. This certainly includes our hair coloring exploits. As salons across the nation reopen, many are wondering how we can  ensure health and

preserve your youth Jennifer Aniston [longevity live]

Popular Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston has managed to preserve her sculpted body and youthful appearance since her ‘Friends’ days.  So how does this fifty-one year old do it? Contrary to what you may think, this talented actress has revealed that the key to being healthy and fit is not in

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Fasting is what many people are choosing to do with their eating habits. What’s more popular is the 16:8 intermittent fasting diet. In fact, these words have been popping up all over the health and fitness industry this past year. And no, fasting doesn’t mean starving yourself. It’s more like

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Jennifer Aniston’s zone diet might be a simple eating plan to try out next. This gorgeous actress is envied for her hair and muscular, fit – but not too skinny body, worldwide. I bet she works darn hard to keep it up too!  The actress always makes healthy eating a priority

Jennifer Aniston

Body shaming is a global issue that is gaining great traction. The media is known for airing the ‘faults’ and ‘achievements’ of celebrities as examples of how we should be. We scrutinize the way they look, what they eat, who they are with; these public figures are diligently pulled apart. But they have hit saturation

Jennifer Aniston hair

Acupuncture is increasing in popularity among celebrities wishing to improve their health and state of mind naturally. The therapy is not new though. In fact, it was accepted as a complement to western medicine, in 1997, by the National Institute of Health. Since then a long list of purported health

Ever wondered why some celebs over 40 look so good? Here are the anti-aging secrets of some of the world’s most popular celebrities. Jennifer Lopez At 46, gorgeous musician and actress Jennifer Lopez has shaken her long-standing reputation for having a voluptuously sexy ass. Now it’s just a sexy ass.

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Although there are many celebrities who practice yoga today, it is not a new form exercise whatsoever. It has been dated to as far back as 3000 B.C., and has been reborn in modern society. It is seen as one of the most effective forms of strength and flexibility training,

Jennifer Aniston

At 46, actress, director, producer and businesswoman Jennifer Aniston has proven that some things really do get better with age. This year alone she has got married to her long-time finance, Justin Theroux, is rumoured to be adopting a baby, has starred in two diversely different movies (Cake and She’s

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As women we tend to focus on aging as an only negative experience. These celebrities are looking at it from a different perspective. We bring you 13 celebrities — 39 years of age and counting — who have offered up valid reasons to embrace your age, while looking forward to what is