Lesley Stones

  Our frenetic lives today have left many of us feeling “empty”, looking for “more” – a connection with our past, perhaps, or our future. But are mentalists and psychics for real? The wizened old man squatting in front of me chanted an incantation and shook some small bones onto

green plant

I was highly chuffed, the other day, to discover that I’m helping to nurture all of the forests in the world. That sounds like a daunting task, but it was really easy ¬– all I did was buy a carton of Ultra Mel. The custard pack boldly tells me that

A column written by Lesley Stones for Longevity. I’ve never understood women who insist on undressing in a cubicle rather than in the communal changing room in a gym. Or those who wear a swimsuit in the single-sex sauna. We are all at the gym to improve our body, so

Journalist Lesley Stones shared this personal, heartfelt journey with Longevity magazine. Her partner Steve contracted bacterial meningitis and she writes about how this deadly virus changed their lives. Sometimes you really wish you could turn back the clock, and other times perhaps that time will stand eternally still. This is

In this column, Lesley Stones looks at the fascination with retaining youth. When I was a kid I used to think anyone over 20 was ancient. What an idiot! Now I indulgently describe people as immature youngsters if they’re still merely in their 30s. Age is a relative thing, and as